Domestic Submersible Pumps

Domestic Submersible Pumps are small submersible pumps that are ideal for household groundwater supplies, small waterworks, and small irrigation systems.

Submersible pumps for residential water supply

You’re likely to find a model that meets your specific needs thanks to the large range of performance parameters available. This corrosion-resistant stainless steel multistage pump is long and lean, assuring a long and reliable life. The compact design, which is only 3″ in diameter, allows for installation in small boreholes of the same size, or even 4″ boreholes that have shrunk due to ochre deposits.

They’re simple to set up and use, and they provide a constant flow of water. Individual variants are made of stainless steel of the highest quality. This, together with a durable internal design and impellers, ensures years of trouble-free operation for the user.

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The SQ is a compact, 3″ multistage centrifugal pump that can be installed in a borehole no larger than the pump itself. With their built-in electronics, SQ pumps are very easy to install and operate. They guarantee a reliable water supply at all times.

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