Booster Pumps

Our pump systems are optimised for the application, offering features such as proportional pressure functionality for friction loss compensation in large pipe grids, and soft pressure build-up functionality for installations with an unstable power supply.

Maintain the best possible water pressure.

Maintaining the highest possible water pressure can be difficult. Our industrial water booster pump systems provide a solution that ensures optimal water pressure wherever and wherever it is required.

Our pump systems are designed specifically for the job, with characteristics like proportional pressure for friction loss correction in large pipe grids and soft pressure build-up for installations with an unpredictable power supply.

Our pressure booster pumps were designed with hygiene in mind. Stainless steel manifolds resist corrosion and have fully smooth surfaces, connections, and corners. This eliminates dead corners, allowing for the finest possible pump system hygiene control while also enhancing your overall peace of mind.

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The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems are made to the very highest standards. Thanks to the CU 352 controller, they handle even the most difficult boosting jobs with ease and accuracy. All components have been combined with focus on quality and efficiency.

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The Grundfos Hydro Multi-B is a compact, reliable, and energy efficient constant pressure booster system ideal for domestic water pressure such as apartments, large homes, and multi-story buildings.

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Grundfos Hydro Multi-S booster sets consist of two or three identical Grundfos CM, CMV or CR pumps, connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame, and a control cabinet with motor protection and integrated controller.

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Grundfos Multi-R variable speed system us designed to operate in parallel with two to four Grundfos vertical mutistage centrifugal pumps CR as standard via Grundfos R-series variable speed drives installed at the control panel.

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