Domestic Pumps

Grundfos domestic pumps are at home in one- and two-family houses, quite literally appearing from cellar to attic.

Grundfos UNILIFT KP are stainless-steel submersible pumps designed for pumping non-aggressive water and grey wastewater such as drainage and domestic effluents with particles up to 10 mm.

Max flow 4 l/s
Head max 10 m
Liquid temperature 0 .. 50 °C

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Unilift AP Basic pumps are single-stage pumps (AP35B, AP50B) with vortex impeller. All Unilift AP Basic pumps are made of stainless steel, with a composite baseplate.

Max flow 9 l/s
Head max 18 m
Liquid temperature 0 .. 55 °C

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Grundfos UNILIFT CC pumps are single-stage submersible pumps designed for pumping clean, non-aggressive water and slightly dirty (grey) wastewater. Capable of pumping down to 3 mm water level.

Max flow 4 l/s
Head max 10 m
Liquid temperature 0 .. 40 °C

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The Grundfos UPA Homebooster is a circulator pump designed for pressure boosting hot water systems. The pump provides additional pressure to showers, taps and similar outlet points.


CM are reliable, quiet and compact horizontal end-suction pumps. The modular pump design makes it easy to make customised solutions. The CM pumps are available in cast iron and stainless steel

Max flow 31 m³/h
Head max 132 m
Liquid temp. -20 .. 120 °C
p max 16 bar

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High performance self-priming centrifugal electric pumps with built-in high capacity prefilter. Motor completely isolated from the water.

e.sybox is a patented booster system, unique in its category, with high performances, efficient, compact, easy and satisfying in the use both for the installer and the final user.

The Grundfos SCALA2 is a fully integrated, self-priming, compact waterworks for pressure boosting in domestic applications, such as one and two-family houses and apartments. SCALA2 incorporates integrated speed control which allows maintaining a perfect pressure in the taps.

>Max flow 5 m³/h
Head max 47 m
Liquid temp. 0 .. 45 °C

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