Single-stage Pumps

The Grundfos end-suction range comprises a complete series of close-coupled and long-coupled pumps

Grundfos NK/NKG pumps are used in water supply, industrial pressure boosting, industrial liquid transfer, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), irrigation and process industries.

Max flow 2101 m³/h
Head max 337 m
Liquid temperature -25 .. 170 °C
p max 25 bar

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The Grundfos NB/NBG pumps are all non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal volute pumps with axial suction port, radial discharge port and horizontal shaft.

Max flow 1395 m³/h
Head max 177 m
Liquid temperature -25 .. 140 °C
p max 25 bar

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Grundfos LS is a horizontal, single-stage or double-stages, between bearings, split case pump. The axially split design allows easy removal of the top casing and access to the pump components.

Max flow 2799 m³/h
Head max 161 m
Liquid temperature 0 .. 100 °C
p max 25 bar

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